Corona Virus 2019 - Myths vs Facts

There's a lot of information in the internet ciculating about Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID), so it's essential to recognize what's TRUE and NOT. 

TRUE or FALSE? An immunization to treat COVID-19 is accessible.


TRUE: There is no immunization for the new coronavirus at this moment. Researchers have just started taking a shot at one, however building up an antibody that is sheltered and compelling in individuals will take numerous months. 

TRUE or FALSE? You can shield yourself from COVID-19 by gulping or rinsing with bleach, taking acidic corrosive or steroids, or utilizing fundamental oils, salt water, alcohol or different substances. 


TRUE:None of these suggestions shields you from getting COVID-19, and a portion of these practices might be hazardous. The most ideal approaches to shield yourself from this coronavirus (and different infections) include: 

Washing your hands regularly and altogether, utilizing cleanser and high temp water. 

Maintaining a strategic distance from close contact with individuals who are debilitated, sniffling or hacking. 

Likewise, you can abstain from spreading your own germs by hacking into the law breaker of your elbow and remaining at home when you are wiped out. 

TRUE or FALSE? The new coronavirus was intentionally made or discharged by individuals. 


TRUE:Infections can change after some time. At times, a sickness episode happens when an infection that is basic in an animal, for example, a pig, bat or feathered animal experiences changes and goes to people. This is likely how the new coronavirus became. 

TRUE or FALSE? Requesting or purchasing items sent from China will make an individual get infected. 


TRUE: Analysts are contemplating the new coronavirus to study how it contaminates individuals. As of this composition, researchers note that most infections like this one don't remain alive for long on surfaces, so it isn't likely you would get COVID-19 from a bundle that was in travel for a considerable length of time or weeks.
The ailment is in all likelihood transmitted by beads from a contaminated individual's cough or sneeze, however more data is developing every day. 

TRUE or FALSE? A face mask will shield you from COVID-19. 


TRUE: Certain models of mask, tight-fitting respirators, (for example, the N95) can ensure medicinal services laborers as they care for tainted patients. 

For the overall population without respiratory disease, wearing lightweight dispensable careful covers or mask isn't prescribed. Since they don't fit firmly, they may permit minor tainted beads to get into the nose, mouth or eyes. Additionally, individuals with the infection on their hands who contact their face under a veil may get tainted. 

Individuals with a respiratory disease can wear these mask to decrease their opportunity of tainting others. Remember that loading up on covers makes less accessible for wiped out patients and social insurance laborers who need them.

Lisa Maragakis, M.D., M.P.H., 
Senior Director of Infection Prevention 
at Johns Hopkins

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